miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

The Teachers' view

"The Gola Club is such a unique project that I'm very excited to be part of. To be able to teach children in such an unconventional way is very refreshing and is miles apart from regular class. It is our priority to provide the students with a foundation of structure but more importantly a great attitude towards learning the language. The club allows the children to work as part of a group, share bonds with classmates and this helps develop their social and communication skills. This is the beginning of a very exciting and fun project which I'm sure will have every success"

Laura  Trihy

"When I first heard about the Gola Club I fell in love with the idea. It offers teenagers a different way to develop social skills in a foreign language; by working out their structure, comprehension and speaking abilities, through activities they really enjoy.  Our goal is to make them work as a team and feel involved in the project. This is their Club, and as so, we want them to feel free to take the initiative in everything they do. I am absolutely sure they will enjoy this adventure as much as I will"

Carmen Lago

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