viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

Oliver Twist- The Club´s kids opinions

We have just finished reading Oliver Twist. It does seem we're keen on Charles Dickens!
So, let's hear the Club's kids opinions. What's the book about? Did you like it?Why?  Why not? What's your favourite character? And the most hated one?

" We like the book because it´s very beautiful story  about a little orphan boy who had to survive in the big city of London and he never gave up. The end was unpredictable, and very interesting. "
" My favourite character is  The Dodger because he is very intelligent and he steals on the street and nobody notices" - Anxo
"My favourite character is Fagin because he is a very important character . He is very mysterious and dark, you dont know if he intends to help Oliver or not" - Guille
"My  favourite character is Oliver because he is very brave and kind. He survived everything " - Alicia
"My favourite character is Nancy because she is bad at first but then she is good to Oliver" - Noa
"My favourite character is Oliver because he is brave. His life was very difficult but he survived." - Emma
"My favourite character is  Oliver because he is very small and he has to go through very difficult things that are not for a little boy." - Noela
Alicia, Noa, Noela, Emma, Anxo, Guille.

There's a party going on!

A good story to tell and frantic work to celebrate a very special party, cake included!.
The best is yet to come!

sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

An anniversary party coming!!!

Something's going on in the Club!
An anniversary party is being prepared... with Playmobiles???
To be continued!! You can't miss it!

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Carnival's Cooking Day

To make last Friday a bit more special, the reading Club moved to the kitchen. Don't expect filloas or orellas, but delicious and yummy chocolate cupcakes! Thanks to Noa for the recipe!

viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

Dracula- the play (Part 1)

We are sorry for our delay in publishing it, but there you go, for those of you who haven't been there and those of you who have participated!
Here's the first part of Gola's Teen Club prémiere, Dracula. The acting crew were incredibly.... fun!